The University of the West Indies

Crafting an award-winning website transformation for the region’s premier tertiary institution






Website prototype

After our successful overhaul of the University’s campus-level websites (2020-2021), Futuregram was tasked with modernising the UWI’s flagship web presence to serve not only staff and students, but present a global-facing institution to a much wider base of stakeholders, which included potential donors and partners.

By adopting a highly-collaborative, iterative prototyping approach with the University’s Marketing & Communications team and the Office of the CIO, we delivered a highly-functional, double-award winning interface design that the University can truly be proud of.


Gold Award - 2021 AVA Digital Awards
Gold Award - 2021 Education Digital Marketing Awards

How we did it

1 - Data Analysis

Collate and examine the data to understand our users

2 - Stakeholder Interviews

Identify the initial user priorities, business goals and technical constraints

2 - Benchmarking

Review industry-leading websites and document patterns

3 - Journey Mapping

Visualise the processes users go through to accomplish goals

4 - Content Auditing

Catalogue and tweak the content for effectiveness

5 - Site Mapping

Add structure, hierarchy and flow to the information

7 - Wireframing

Define and plan the information priorities

6 - Interaction Design

Make the website workable, usable and memorable

8 - Interface Design

Create a consistent, cohesive and user-friendly look and feel

9 - Prototype Design

Produce a working model of the website for review

10 - Handoff

Transfer prototype files to The UWI CIO's Web Team


prioritising design

Along with assessing user goals and industry benchmarks, it was important to begin exploring the look and feel of this highly-visible redesign in the early stages of the project…and what better way to do this than visually?

Using the established design patterns we created for the five campus websites as a foundation, low-fidelity prototypes were developed to provide a common point of discussion.

The UWI’s webmasters and marketers alike were able to click around ‘quick and dirty’ pages, discussing and considering the impact of different permutations as we worked to pin down the final design.

Once the new sitemap and wireframes were settled, we then moved to refine the design language, ensuring that some degree of distinction was preserved within the wider family of top-level UWI websites.

A design language outlines a foundation or set of principles that guide the website’s visual identity, guaranteeing that anything that is created has a sense of continuity.



“We celebrate this further global recognition of our excellence in the face of stiff competition and the effective migration of the Triple A Strategic Plan into the global digital marketing space."

Professor Sir Hilary Beckles